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Q. What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair is a practice that reforms your vehicles metal body panel to its original state without affecting the paint finish.  Our trained technicians use specifically designed tools to pull up and gently massage dents out of a vehicles body from behind the affected panel while keeping the factory paint intact. There is no sanding, body fillers, or painting involved.

 Q. Is PDR right for me?

If have you ever been the unfortunate recipient of stray shopping carts or door dings that have caused damage to your vehicles exterior than PDR is the answer for you and your vehicle!

 Q. Advantages of PDR

  • Retains all Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) parts on your vehicle
  • You keep the very valuable factory paint on your vehicle (factory paint is baked on before the interior is installed, making it impossible to replicate after it leaves the factory)
  • Dents are removed, they are not filled with body filler and simply painted over – your vehicle keeps the maximum resale value
  • Quicker repair times, smaller repair cost, and comfort in hiring the services of individuals who specialize specifically in PDR

 Q. What size dents can be pulled?

Generally our ability to pull a dent doesn’t have to do with the size, but the extent of the damage, how sharp/deep it is, and where it is located. We specialize in parking lot damage (door dings, golf/baseball impacts, as well as hail damage)

 Q. How long does a dent take to pull?

 Most repairs are same day service!

 Q. Why are there no set prices?

We cannot offer set prices for dent repair as every dent is different – quotes vary based on size, location, and sharpness of the dent

 Q. Are appointments necessary?

While we are always more than happy to have you stop into the shop, appointments are advised as we are very busy. However, if you have an emergency situation, please contact us and explain the situation and we will do the best we can to help you out!